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The HOMO FABER project is kept in motion by a team of professionals specialized in furniture production.

Our story is simple, but somehow meaningful in its simplicity. HOMO FABER is, in fact, a handful of people who love and respect the wood and who have met at certain time and formed a team. There is no real secret here, maybe excepting the fact that we never forget the reason we are together: to build customized furniture.

Why we are here

Because we share the same values. And we are here because we love this job. We are here because we respect the wood, because we know how to appreciate its beauty and how to integrate it in our lives. We are here because, professionally, we are going in the same direction.

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Our mission:

We want to grow. We want to experience. We want to build a brand whose products and services have something to give. We want people to enjoy this living presence, this trustworthy material, this unique background of the human that is the wood.